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student occupation

By Matt Boynton

13 people arrested for occupation of U of M presidents office following release

Minneapolis, MN – On Feb. 9, two simultaneous actions occurred on the University of Minnesota campus to demand racial justice and substantive diversity. The protesters’ eight demands can be found here:


By staff

_Fighting back against Gov. Walker’s attempts to destroy public sector unions and slash funding for education _

March 2 UW-Milwaukee student walk out and march

Milwaukee, WI – Over 1500 students and workers walked out Mar. 2 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in protest of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's plan to destroy public sector unions and slash funding for public education. Initiated by Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society, the protest included a worker contingent of AFSCME, TAUWP and AFT union members. The protest took place on the National Day of Action to Defend Education.


By Bob Hemauer

Madison, WI: Student occupation of Bascom Hall.

February 20, 3:30 a.m. – Under a banner that read, “The Whole World is Watching,” fifty-four students, workers and concerned community members slept in the office of University of Wisconsin Chancellor, David Ward. They occupied the chief administrator's office to protest university links to sweatshop labor. The peaceful scene was shattered by the approach of over 60 police dressed in riot gear, with billy clubs at their side and tear gas rifles ready.


By Doug Michel

NYU President Sexton attacks Bobcats

The student movement has continued to push forward, taking New York University by storm with an occupation of around 80 students in the Kimmel Center. After two years of preparation, the coalition Take Back NYU! occupied the building for two days, Feb. 18. Students outwitted police to the very end, with a couple dozen moving out to the Kimmel balcony when police raided their space. Student leaders now face suspension, but they have vowed to continue the struggle.