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northwest airlines

By J Burger

Minneapolis, MN – In December 1999, a US District judge granted a request by Northwest Airlines to seize the personal computers of union activists. Northwest Airlines contends that union activists of Teamsters Local 2000, which represents flight attendants, illegally mobilized members to participate in a sick-out. The Union says it was not involved. Members of Teamsters for a Democratic Union were the main targets of the attack.


By staff

Minneapolis, MN – On August 26, rank and file flight attendants rejected a proposed contract with Northwest Airlines (NWA). The contract was endorsed by sell-out Teamsters International President, Jim Hoffa, Jr. Over 69% of the 10,000 flight attendants voted down the contract in this hard fought election.


By Mike Hazard

_Pilots Win First Round _

Minneapolis, MN – A major victory for labor occurred when pilots at Northwest Airlines returned to work after winning significant pay and job security increases during an 18-day strike. Northwest Airlines ceased all flights on August 28, when 6,000 pilots shut down the carrier.


By Salvadoran Labor Front

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following letter of solidarity from the Salvadoran Labor Front, a federation made up of 27 trade unions, to striking members of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association. We urge other unions in the United States and internationally to offer similar support.