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Protest in India against Israel-Lebanon War

The All India Anti Imperialist Forum organized protests across India July 24, against the attacks of Israel and the U.S. on Palestine and Lebanon. The West Bengal Committee of the AIAIF staged a large protest demonstration at Calcutta The following are excerpts from statement of the All India Anti Imperialist Forum giving an account of the event: “Before the start of the rally, Shri Manik Mukherjee, Vice-President, All India Anti-imperialist Forum, addressed a gathering at the Subodh Mullick Square. He said that, in one voice with the militant anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist forces of the world, the All India Anti-Imperialist Forum expresses bitter condemnation of the dastardly attack that the Zionist Israel has brought down for the last few days on Lebanon.” “Mukherjee also said that triggered on the flimsy pretext of demanding release of Israeli prisoners and combating terrorism, the bestial belligerence of the Israeli Zionist rulers forms nothing but a part of their long-pursued expansionist, aggressive policies against the Arab countries, more so Palestine. Thus, violating all norms of national sovereignty and civility, they have launched an all-out offensive indiscriminately killing innocent civilians, destroying civilian properties, facilities and constructions and thus damaging the very economic infrastructure of the country of Lebanon. The world stands astounded, albeit not for the first time, at the support and patronization that the warmonger US imperialist rulers have extended shamelessly to the war-maniac Israeli rulers, pleading for the right for self-defence for the barbaric attackers themselves. The AIAIF unequivocally denounces this act of the US imperialists and their cohorts, as well as the Israeli Zionists, which smacks of machination for escalating aggression over the people of the entire Middle East, in the face of ignominious defeat the US imperialism is experiencing on the soil of Iraq.” “Thereafter, the city witnessed a rally come out of the Square, resplendent with colourful banners and vibrant with resolute slogans against the barbaric imperialist attack and reached the venue at Metro Channel, Esplanade.” “The rally ended with burning of effigy of Israeli Prime Minister.”

Protest against Israel-Lebanon War in India

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