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By staff

Protest demands the bank turn over vacant homes

Protesters march down 2nd Ave holding a banner that says "Big Banks Make Bad Nei

Minneapolis, MN – 13 people were peacefully arrested Feb. 27 as they marched on Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, demanding the bank turn over vacant homes to community control and calling for fairer banking practices.


By Fight Back! Editors

A shortage of affordable housing has turned the lives of millions into a nightmare. Emergency shelters are occupied by an army of the homeless. Many more people are living on the streets. In New York City, the wait for public housing is 8 years.


By Kim DeFranco

_In Minneapolis... _

Minneapolis, MN - More than 100 people rallied to demand affordable housing on the Basilica steps, June 24. Many carried signs reading, “Replace-ment, Before Demolition,” and “Forget the Stadium, Housing Now!” Police were on hand to guard city officials.