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Zimmerman Verdict Pending, Protests Begin In Sanford, Florida

By Walt Byars

Sanford, FL – Sixty people rallied in Sanford, Florida, to demand justice for Trayvon Martin on Friday, July 12. The protesters gave speeches and press interviews on the last day of George Zimmerman’s murder trial at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center. Members of the Sanford community, the NAACP, the Tampa and Tallahassee chapters of Dream Defenders, the New Black Panther Party, Students for a Democratic Society, union members, and others waved signs “Justice for Trayvon Martin” and “We are all Trayvon”. They chanted “No Justice, No Peace” while cops and media looked on.

Veronica Juarez of Immokalee said, “This rally will unite us as a community to stand up against racial oppression and discrimination that we experience in the streets and in the political system.”

Chrisley Carpio, with Students for a Democratic Society at University of Florida in Gainesville, marched 20 miles and sat in blocking the doors of the Sanford police department last year. Carpio was demanding that George Zimmerman be arrested and put on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin at that time. Carpio said, “We know that it took tireless protesting to get Zimmerman arrested and charged. Due to the racist nature of the criminal injustice system, we know it will take tireless protesting to get justice for Trayvon Martin. We're in Sanford to confront the deeper issue of racial oppression head-on.”

Activists made clear that the struggle for justice and the fight against the racist murder of Trayvon Martin in Sanford would continue. Many protesters fear the criminal justice system will not find Zimmerman guilty of murder.

The March to Sanford/Justice for Trayvon Coalition announced that demonstrators plan to be out in force on Saturday, July 13, in front of the courthouse until the verdict is announced. There is a rally and press conference planned. A call was also put out for nationwide actions to demand justice for Trayvon Martin and an end to racist violence and police misconduct.

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