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Yemeni forces moving towards Saudi border

By staff

Washington DC – Iran’s FARS News Agency (FNA) is reporting that Yemeni Army and popular forces are moving to the border with Saudi Arabia.

According the April 28 report, “Abdul Sattar Monem al-Bashiri, a Yemeni security official, told FNA that the popular committees and the Yemeni army are moving towards the Saudi border region of Najran in order to suppress the Saudi army aggression and thwart an impending Saudi ground assault into Yemen.”

He further said the purpose of the movements is to control the borders and to cut off the supply route of the terrorists which is used to smuggle arms and equipment from neighboring Saudi Arabia.

“The army and the popular committees are doing very transparent and goal-oriented actions,” he said, “indicating that the Yemeni troops do not plan to go deep into the Saudi territories.”

The U.S., along with Saudi Arabia and other Arab reactionaries, are waging a war on the progressive forces of Yemen.

The U.S. has been rushing arms to reactionary Arab states, refueling Saudi aircraft that are waging a murderous bombing campaign against Yemen, and has dispatched a number of warships to the region.

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