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World Federation of Trade Unions New Year 2022 Message

By World Federation of Trade Unions

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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU).

Dear colleagues,

Another year is coming to an end. Another year is added to the history of the WFTU and the world class-oriented movement. Another year made us cry and laugh, without losing not even for a moment our optimism for the best days to come for our class, thanks to our struggle and our firm political perception.

Making a brief assessment, as is usual at the end of each year, we will see that some things are repeated monotonously, but also new things are born, filling us with optimism for the future of the working class and popular strata.

In 2021, the inadequacy of this system to provide a solution to vital issues of humanity was revealed even more strongly. It was revealed that no matter how tearful the speeches of the political servants of the great multinationals are, they are not at all interested in the life and prosperity of the poor, the workers and the peasants, the women and the youth.

Since health and science serve the profitability of big capital, they can not deal with the pandemic properly and hundreds of thousands of people are still losing their lives due to COVID-19, due to the inadequacy of downgraded health systems, and not because the disease is invincible. In addition, to cover their own responsibilities, they skillfully try to divide workers, between vaccinated and non-vaccinated. But they have no answer for the millions of people in poor countries of the third world, that do not have access to vaccines due to financial weakness!

In 2021, we experienced once again the drama of refugees being used as a lever to pressure foreign policy of the states. They care very little about people drowning in the sea, or dying from landmines trying to cross borders and from hardship and diseases in hot spots. Their wars for the control of the wealth and the quest for new fields of profit are an unstoppable machine of misery.

In 2021 we faced the explosion of high prices in energy and in all basic goods, because as always the price of the economic crisis is paid by the peoples so that the big capitalists do not pay.

Repeated lockdowns have caused great losses in the world trusts and now they have to make up for the lost profits. Therefore, in the 21st century, even in the so-called countries of the first world, people are in danger of dying from the cold and from starvation!!!

In this framework, and despite the difficulty of distance meetings, the WFTU and the world class-oriented workers’ movement took action. Many seminars were held on issues that concerned and still concern workers around the world and mobilizations were organized on the occasion of every small or important issue of the working class in each country. The WFTU World Action Day on October 3 highlighted the timely demand of workers for a dignified life. International Campaigns for Palestine and international solidarity symposiums with Cuba and Venezuela were organized.

In 2021 significant strikes that resulted in the conquest of workers’ demands also took place. The repression and legislation that in many countries tried to put obstacles in trade union action did not discourage the workers, but instead increased their determination and militancy.

Finally, in 2021 with great sorrow we bid farewell to some historic cadres of the WFTU, whose contribution is invaluable. They were tireless fighters of the movement, always loyal to the WFTU and unwavering defenders of the class-oriented struggle. The World Federation of Trade Unions will always honor them and make sure that the next generations of workers in the world get to know their work and contribution.

So we enter 2022 with optimism and militancy, as befits the class-oriented movement. The coming year, apart from the strong challenges that it will bring for our organization, will also be a historic year, since the 18th World Trade Union Congress will take place. As always, this is a milestone in the global class-oriented workers movement, a celebration of the world working class, as well as an extremely important process in which the course of the WFTU is mapped out for the coming years. It is therefore very important in the new year for all WFTU members and friends to give their best so that this Congress is a success, worthy of the history and legacy of the WFTU.

The Secretariat of the World Federation of Trade Unions wishes its 105 million members and millions of friends from 133 countries around the world 2022 to be a good and militant year, a year that will contribute even more to our final goal of freeing humanity from exploitation of man by man. Because only then can we talk about real freedom, peace and prosperity.

Until the final victory!!!

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