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Workfare = Slave Labor

By staff

Protesters on capitol steps

St. Paul, MN – The Welfare Rights Committee is working on outlawing workfare in the state of Minnesota.

According to a declaration that WRC is circulating to gather supporters to the cause: “Workfare forces caregivers receiving welfare to work for no pay in order to receive the monthly welfare grant. Workfare serves to displace decent paying jobs and undermine all working people. If there is a job to do, then it should be a paid job. We urge Minnesota legislators to stop workfare in Minnesota.”

The Welfare Rights Committee has three bills at the state capitol to outlaw workfare. Their statement notes: “The WRC fought workfare in the 1990s and we were successful in getting workfare almost eliminated in Minnesota. But workfare is back and its time to fight again. Join us as we demand a decent life with dignity.” In 1993, WRC exposed the non-profits that used workfare slaves.

“The Pawlenty budget proposal calls for stealing from the state welfare funds to set up slave labor programs. We are ready for a huge fight,” said Trishalla Bell.

To sign your organization on to the anti-workfare declaration, email us. To see the full text of the declaration, to

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