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Wisconsin SDS online panel: ‘Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win! Student Organizing in Wisconsin’

By Rory Donovan

Milwaukee, WI – On May 6, Students for a Democratic Society chapters in Appleton and Milwaukee hosted a panel about the importance of student organizing. Both chapters were recently established to be forces for change at Lawrence University and UW-Milwaukee. The purpose of the panel was to invite local students to join the chapters, and to invite regional students to start their own.

“As college students we do have a lot of privilege. We have a lot of resources available and we have to utilize those things to make change,” Appleton SDS chair Terrence Freeman says. “We shouldn’t be inactive, we shouldn’t be lethargic, we should utilize the things we have at our disposal to guarantee that we are changing things in our community, both on and off campus.”

Speakers from each chapter discussed their local work. Appleton SDS is currently organizing to raise the campus minimum wage to $15 an hour, as well as doing mutual aid work in the Appleton area. UW-Milwaukee is currently working to defund campus police and refund programs that support students. While the semesters are soon coming to a close on both campuses, their work will continue into the summer and beyond.

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