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Wisconsin: Mass arrests, tear gas, National Guard used against protesters

By staff

Cole family arrested one day after killer cop not charged

Milwaukee, WI – Protests in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa ramped up over the past two nights. On October 7, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm ruled that although the shooting death of Alvin Cole in February was not justified, Wauwatosa police officer Joseph Mensah would not face charges for the murder. Mensah is also responsible for the murders of Antonio Gonzales and Jay Anderson. Chisholm was the district attorney who filed no charges in each of those cases, as well as six other instances of killer cops in and around Milwaukee.

Immediately after the announcement, protesters took to the streets of downtown Milwaukee. They quickly made their way to Interstate 94 going west towards Wauwatosa, breaking through a police line to get onto the freeway. The protest eventually made its way to the suburb where they were met with riot police and National Guard troops.

Rubber bullets, teargas and pepper-ball shot were used to brutalize people in what is becoming common place for protesters in southeast Wisconsin. There were a few broken windows, and a handful of people shopped for free at a gas station before the night was done.

The situation escalated on the night of October 8. Wauwatosa has taken on the characteristics of a war zone, with armed National Guard troops patrolling the streets and enforcing a 7 p.m. curfew. Reports on the ground indicate that mass arrests are being made.

Among those arrested include many of Alvin Cole's family, including his mother Tracy, his sisters, and his brother. The Coles were literally ripped from their vehicles during the arrests. Tracy Cole was taken away in an ambulance after police broke her arm during the ordeal. Some family members of Jacob Blake, the man who Kenosha police attempted to murder at the end of August, had joined the protest in Wauwatosa. Jacob Blake, Sr. has been arrested.

These injustices perpetrated against the Cole and Blake families, as well as all other protesters who have been attacked and arrested by the police and National Guard while demanding justice, will not go unchecked. When DA Chisholm determined that there would be no justice, he ensured that there would be no peace.

Release the Cole family! Release Jacob Blake, Sr.! Release all others who have been arrested! Charge, arrest and indict serial-killing cop Joseph Mensah! Justice for Alvin Cole!

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