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Wisconsin FRSO condemns mayor’s curfew and deployment of National Guard

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization - Wisconsin District

Milwaukee, WI – The Wisconsin District of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns the decision of Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett to impose a 9 p.m. curfew and to call in members of the National Guard to help enforce it. This curfew and the troop deployment is meant to suppress the righteous anger of the masses in Milwaukee over the city’s terrible record of police crimes.

This curfew and the National Guard deployment will not deescalate confrontations. The people of Milwaukee will stay in the streets, expressing their democratic rights and demanding justice for the victims of racist police murders. Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and all the other cities across this country will continue to know no peace until there is justice.

In the specific case of Milwaukee, justice means guilty convictions for Matt Mattioli, the off-duty officer who killed Joel Acevedo; County Sheriff deputy Joel Streicher, who killed Ceasar Stinson, a community activist and Milwaukee Public Schools employee; and for the as-yet unnamed officer who shot and killed Black teenager Alvin Cole.

What we need is real police accountability. The only way that this can be achieved is through community control of the police. When the people are in power and we have control, justice will be done.

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