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WFTU solidarity statement with the Japanese dockworkers

By World Federation of Trade Unions

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following April 25 statement from the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU).

The WFTU, representing more 97 million workers in 130 countries expresses its solidarity and support the dockworkers in Japan who are taking dynamic measures against the unacceptable and demand of the Japan Harbor Transportation Association for abolishing the current system for determining dockworkers’ minimum wage.

The employers are insisting to present their fake argument that the determined minimum wages of the workers are against the anti-monopoly rules despite the fact that even the labor relations authority rejected this fake argument, clearly declaring that the minimum wage system for dockworkers does not infringe on anti-monopoly rules.

Those who earn countless profits from the daily heavy and painful work of the dockworkers are trying to intensify the exploitation against them. The thirst for profits is not hiding behind the hypocritical supposed interest of the employers to protect the anti-monopoly rule. The workers know that employers are seeking more profits by exploiting more and more those who create everything but have almost nothing.

The World Federation of Trade Unions condemns the anti-labour intentions of the Japan Harbor Transportation Association to create an even more flexible working conditions and cheaper workforce. The class-oriented trade union movement expresses unlimited support to the dockworkers of Japan who went on strike a few days ago and call them to continue relentlessly their struggles.

The Secretariat

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