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WFTU: Long Live May 9th! Long live Peoples’ anti-fascist Victory!

By World Federation of Trade Unions

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU).

The World Federation of Trade Unions honors the 76th anniversary of the peoples’ anti-fascist victory on May 9, 2021.

9 May is the symbol of the great victory over Fascism and Nazism which in the times of the II World War seemed impossible to many. However, the enormous military power of the Germans and the Fascist Axis (Italy and Japan), despite the enormous support they received from the German and the International Monopolies, was defeated by the organized resistance of the peoples and the role played by the Soviet Union. This is the legacy of the World Federation of Trade Unions and the militants around the world.

This was a decisive strategic victory for the future of mankind. It changed the global correlation of forces in favor of workers and peoples and has boosted national liberation movements and decolonization and the struggle against colonialism. But first of all, it proved that only the organized people can really put an end to Fascism and the system that gives birth to it. Peoples united can achieve victories that seem impossible.

A child of this victory is the founding of the World Federation of Trade Unions on October 3, 1945.

However, 76 years after that date, US imperialism and its NATO allies are promoting conflicts that seriously threaten world peace and increase fascism and intolerance in various forms. The caravans of innocent refugees, the situation in Ukraine, the rivalries between the alliances but also within them only bring negative developments for the peoples.

Nowadays, a methodical effort is being made by the European Union and the USA to present May 9 as supposedly Day of Europe. To forget the great victory of the red army and the peoples against fascism. It is the duty of all of us to prevent the falsification of historical truth.

These servants of exploitation and imperialism who today try to rewrite historical facts with slander and lies, must fail.

In the face of these developments, the employees and workers raise our own flag, the flag of the WFTU, with our demands and needs written on it.

The WFTU salutes the anniversary of this epopee by reaffirming its commitment to the defense of world peace, the rights of peoples, especially the working class, to the socialist perspective.

Long live May 9, 1945, the day of the victory of the peoples against Nazism and fascism!

The Secretariat

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