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Welfare Rights Committee holds protest at Governor’s mansion

By staff

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St. Paul, MN – Members of the Welfare Rights Committee (WRC) gathered outside Governor Mark Dayton’s mansion here, Sept. 4, to demand the governor, along with the Minnesota state government, provide public assistance to everyone who needs it and that they increase the welfare grants.

A statement from the WRC points out, “Governor Mark Dayton is running for re-election. We have seen four years of giveaways to the rich (like to Vikings owner Zygi Wilf). The governor knows the MFIP grants have not been increased since 1986 – but his administration has fought against a grant increase, even though 70,000 kids in extreme poverty. There are hundreds of thousands of others suffering homelessness and poverty who can get no help at all.”

Protest organizers also said that Congress’ failure to pass extended unemployment compensation (EUC) for the long-term jobless means that more people need help. The WRC’s current slogan is, “Give aid to all in need!”

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