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Vigil in Los Angeles demands ‘Justice for Edgar Ortiz!’

By staff

Vigil demands ‘Justice for Edgar Ortiz!’

Los Angeles, CA – On September 3, the family of Edgar Ortiz and supporters gathered for the six-month anniversary since he was shot and killed by the LA County Sheriffs of the Lakewood Station on March 3, in front of his family home during a mental health crisis. The family held a candlelight vigil displaying collages of photos, banners and signs to celebrate his life and demand justice. The large Ortiz family turned out and united to fight for justice and other Chicano and African American victims also killed by law enforcement.

Facilitated by Centro CSO, Ortiz’s parents, siblings, nephews and close neighbors, spoke about how much Edgar is missed. They also demanded that his killers – Deputies Erin Herring and Gabriel D’souza – be prosecuted. Maria Ortiz spoke about her son, how he is missed, and how she is committed to fight for justice for him.

Em Hubbard with Centro CSO opened up the vigil, saying, “A community without police killings and brutality is possible. You know who doesn’t believe that? The racist sheriff department.”

Hubbard urged as yes vote for Measure A, which promotes ensures sheriff accountability, this November 8 election, stating, “They don’t want to admit what they did to Edgar was unjust.”

Luis Sifuentes introduced the speakers, led chants and called for people to vote out Sheriff Villanueva the Bandito on November 8 and continue organizing against police killings.

Other impacted families showed up in solidarity, like the families of Anthony Vargas, Leonel Chavez, David Sullivan They spoke about their own struggle fighting for justice for their loved ones.

The next action for Centro CSO will be on September 24 – a protest for Leonel Chavez, who was killed by ELA California Highway Patrol. All are welcome to attend.

If you would like to join the monthly Police Accountability committee, contact CSO at 323-943-2030, [email protected], or @CentroCSO on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more information.

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