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Video: Interview with Cuban teachers union leader Niurka González Orberá

By staff

México City, México – On March 5, Fight Back! News interviewed Niurka González Orberá, the General Secretary of the Cuban Union of Education, Science, and Sports Workers (SNTECD). The interview was done at the 18th Congress of the World Federation of Teachers Unions (FISE) in Mexico City.

In capitalist countries around the world, there are constant budget cuts and attacks on public education and teachers. But in socialist Cuba things are very different. An end to illiteracy and the implementation of universal, high quality, free public education are among the monumental accomplishments of the Cuban revolution. It is an unrivaled achievement in Latin America, made possible by the socialist principles of the Cuban revolution.

Niurka González Orberá leads the the union whose workers make this all possible.

Watch the interview with her below or at this link on YouTube. It was conducted in Spanish, with English subtitles. (press “CC” if the subtitles don't appear automatically)

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