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U.S. Complict with Israeli Terrorism

By Fight Back! Editors

Protest in New York

Palestinian children are shot down and murdered by Israeli troops every week. Their blood is on the streets and their funerals are pictured in our magazines. Using U.S. guns, mortars, tanks, and helicopters, the Israeli state has killed over 400 people since September. More than 10,000 Palestinians have been wounded.

The U.S. is supporting this killing with over $4 billion annually, in cash and military hardware to the Israeli government. This aid comes from the pockets of U.S. taxpayers. The American people should not have to support and finance an apartheid system, similar to the one that was toppled in South Africa. It is time for the U.S. aid to stop!

In 1947, the United Nations, under U.S. and British pressure, divided and gave most of Palestine to European Zionists, who then drove 800,000 Palestinians from their homes. The United States raced to recognize Israel. The U.S. oil barons, like the ones in the White House today, wanted to secure a stronghold in the Arab world, and use it to control the oil markets. Today, the U.S. uses Israel as a proxy army – Middle East shock troops that shoot children, or anyone else that stands in the way.

The Israeli military continues to illegally occupy Palestinian land in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. United Nations resolutions call for the immediate and complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from Palestinian land, but the occupation with U.S. patronage continues.

In response to occupation, the Palestinian resistance the Intifada (or uprising), began again in September. Palestinians are fighting back on every corner of every street, in every village, town, and city. The Israeli response is to shoot children with weapons paid for by the U.S. They lay siege to Palestinian towns and villages with U.S.-made tanks, artillery and surface-to-surface missiles; they demolish homes as a form of collective punishment; they assassinate armed and unarmed activists; and they murder over 400 Palestinian protesters.

The failed U.S. “Peace Plan” for Israel only reinforces the status quo, creating reservations for Palestinians, not unlike the reservations created for Native Americans here. The “two-state solution” endorsed by the U.S. further makes a Palestinian state economically dependent upon Israel, and it opens the vast Arab market to American capital under a false and repressive peace. No illegal Zionist settlements are dismantled. There is no right to return for Palestinian refugees whose homes are stolen. There is no end to the racist Zionist state.

Only the end of colonial rule in Palestine will end the conflict and bring peace with justice. Many Palestinians raise the following demands: international law must be observed; Palestinian refugees must be allowed to return; Israeli occupation must end; and a single, democratic, non-sectarian, socialist state in all of historic Palestine must prevail.

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