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USF students march in defense of abortion rights

By staff

Florida students are fighting for reproductive rights.

Tampa, FL – On Wednesday, September 14, Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society organized a protest as a part of a National Day of Action around reproductive rights. The rally brought out about 30 students to march across campus to show their support for abortion rights. Members from many other student groups gave speeches to show solidarity on this issue.

Diego Falcon, a member of UndocUnited, said that he “saw this coming since the Trump administration” and that “the abuse of women in ICE detention centers facing forced hysterectomies” was a precursor to the loss of bodily autonomy.

Florida’s own abortion ban, House Bill 5, was passed at the beginning of this year. The bill bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy and allows no exceptions for rape or incest.

“Despite the passing of HB5 and the overturn of Roe v. Wade we are still out here to demand safe, legal abortion,” said Eithne Silva of Tampa Bay SDS. “We demand that the Florida government repeal HB5. The right to a safe, legal abortion should be available to anyone and the law should reflect that.”

Tampa Bay SDS has a long history protesting against HB5. They mobilized to Florida’s state capitol in response to the bill when it was first presented and again when it was voted on.

“We were out there to remind everyone that we are still fighting,” said Bashak Newman, a member of Tampa Bay SDS.

The marchers chanted, “My body, my choice” and “Repeal HB5”. The protest had support from students on campus, with many expressing solidarity by joining the march.

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