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U.S. Democratic Party platform on Jerusalem reflects US official hostility to Palestinian rights

By Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemned the action of US President Barack Obama to include in the electoral program of the US Democratic Party a paragraph stating that Jerusalem is the capital of the state of the Israeli occupation and noted that this approach reflects the confirmed and long-standing hostility of the US administration to Palestinian rights.

Comrade Maher Taher, the leader of the PFLP’s branch in exile and diaspora, denounced the silence of the Arab countries and the international community on this position, saying that it should be more clear than ever that Palestinian officials should immediately terminate any attempt at reliance on “American solutions,” when it is clear that the U.S. directly aims at the liquidation of the national rights of the Palestinian people.

Taher noted that the US Democratic and Republican parties appear to compete with each other on their level of loyalty to Zionism and Israel in US elections, confirms that all U.S. administrations, as agents of U.S. imperialism, are the foremost enemy of the principles of international law and United Nations resolutions and the foremost supporter of the terrorism, aggression and occupation practiced by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people.

He called for Arab popular forces throughout the region to act comprehensively to reject U.S. policy in support of Zionist terror and occupation.

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