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U.S. Backs Georgian Aggression

By Brian Chorley

The Georgian government launched an all out attack on South Ossetia, Aug. 8, to annex the region by force. South Ossetia is a small region that borders southern Russia with a population of 70,000 people. The Georgian regime, led by President Mikhail Saakashvili and backed by the U.S. and NATO, attacked the South Ossetian capital city of Tskhinvali. Many buildings were bombed and damaged with large numbers of South Ossetians reported killed by the Georgian military’s brutal attack. The people of the city were left without running water or electricity. Tens of thousands sought refuge, fleeing in terror north towards Russia. In addition to the savage attacks on civilians, the Georgians comprising part of the peacekeeping force in the region fired on their Russian counterparts, killing at least 15 soldiers and wounding 150.

In response to the bombardment of South Ossetia, Russia intervened to defend a population from ethnic cleansing. The Russian forces easily repulsed the Georgian governments forces, giving them a beating. Despite the destruction and devastation brought upon the South Ossetians by the Georgian regime and their U.S. backers, the U.S. news media rushes to defend Georgia and condemn Russia. Nearly all U.S. press headlines claim “Russia attacked Georgia.” Likewise, U.S. corporate media repeatedly claims the Georgian leader was “democratically elected,” even though the recent elections, orchestrated by the U.S., were condemned as a farce with widespread voting irregularities. When it comes to U.S. aggression overseas, the facts are turned upside down.

The timing of the attack by the Georgian President is cynical and calculated. While the world was assembled in the spirit of unity for the Olympic Games, Georgian President Saakashvili attempted to annex an autonomous region by force. Shortly before Saakashvili had promised an “Olympic truce.” He violated a peace agreement to not use force to resolve South Ossetia’s status. With U.S. support, Georgia rapidly multiplied its military over the past few years, increasing its defense budget 30 times over. The U.S. government is attempting to further weaken and isolate Russia, but found out it is dangerous to poke the bear.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain, in the face of these war crimes, chants, “We are all Georgians.” The liberals in the media condemn President Bush for not doing enough to aid Georgia in its quest to slaughter the South Ossetian people, unbelievably equating his so-called lack of response with the criminal indifference displayed during Hurricane Katrina. President Bush meanwhile, airlifts 2000 Georgian soldiers, the third largest foreign fighting force in Iraq, to the battleground in South Ossetia.

The Georgian attack on South Ossetia could not go forward without the connivance of the Bush administration. Every rich oil magnate knows that Georgia is a vital transit route for energy, avoiding both Russia and Iran. Georgia is also part of Washington’s campaign to ‘contain Russia.’ Bush wants Georgia to become a NATO member. This recent conflict will be used to demonstrate the urgency of pushing Georgia into NATO.

However, the Bush White House miscalculated Russia’s tolerance for U.S. meddling in neighboring countries. Russia delivered the Bush government a setback.

The people of South Ossetia have been brutally attacked. They are a proud people with their own language, culture and history. The fact they are a small a national minority made them an target for those like Bush with plans for domination and empire. Progressive people around the world should unite in condemning the U.S.-backed Georgian attack and express their heartfelt solidarity with the people of South Ossetia The U.S. should stop provoking crisis and war on the borders of Russia. U.S. out now!

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