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Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees: Ban Ki-Moon must resign immediately

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Aug. 3 statement from the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees:

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon gave a green light to the Zionist occupation to continue its aggression and carry out more massacres against our people in the Gaza Strip using internationally prohibited weapons. Following his remarks about the need to “immediately and unconditionally release the soldier,” relying on the false claims by the occupation state to justify breaking the humanitarian ceasefire, the occupier has killed more than 200 children, women and men, wounding hundreds more and destroying more homes and displacing thousands more during what was alleged to be a United Nations-sponsored ceasefire!

This comes in addition to his comments that “the United Nations strongly condemns the rocket attacks on Israel, and calls for an end to them immediately.” He says this while there are massive massacres taking place in the Strip impacting every one of our people in Gaza, even those who have taken refuge in UNRWA schools. We are left to bury our people, after these vicious attacks, following which the occupation state declared that the soldier in question was dead.

We demand that Ban Ki-Moon immediately resign from office, as it is clear that he is biased to stand with the perpetrator and the criminal, the occupation, rather than to stand with the victim. We demand that he be tried for the consequences of his actions. And we demand from all forces and institutions, and from all the friends of the Palestinian people to work together to campaign demanding his resignation and his trial as a partner in the aggression against the sons and daughters of our people.

We also emphasize the urgent need to continue all activities to support our people in Gaza, in Palestine and in all areas of the world.

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