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UNF SDS says ‘No Nazis at UNF’ again

By D’Angelio Imamu

SDS banner drop against Nazi activity on campus.

Jacksonville, FL – The University of North Florida’s (UNF) chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held a banner drop on November 13, condemning recent Neo-Nazi propaganda that has been posted around campus. The hand-written banner read, “Neo-Nazis not welcome here.”

On November 5, UNF’s student newspaper released an article of students finding multiple Neo-Nazi flyers around campus that read, “It’s ok to genocide subhumans” and “The struggle never ends. Join the F.K.D.” FKD stands for Feuerkrieg Division, a splinter group of the paramilitary extremist group, Atomwaffen Division which has been linked to several murders here in the U.S.

The posting of these fliers comes after the announcement of UNF having the most diverse class in the history of the university – after SDS demanded for the increase in Black and Brown students on campus.

This isn’t the first time UNF SDS has dealt with Neo-Nazis on campus. In November, 2017, SDS demanded for administration to expel a local neo-Nazi and former leader of the KKK after he threatened SDS and other students on campus with gun violence.

The current university administration has condemned the flyers and stated that the university police are still currently investigating, but UNF SDS is demanding the current administration to take action now to deal with the neo-Nazis.

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