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UIC students want free reproductive health clinic

By staff

Chicago students fight for reproductive rights.

Chicago, IL – On September 7, 30 students marched at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) to demand the administration open a reproductive health clinic on campus that is free for students and the community.

Despite its roughly $3.6 billion budget, the university hasn’t taken any steps to provide reproductive healthcare for its students. Other demands included access to birth control and an end to the university’s contracts with companies based in heartbeat bill states.

The action, which drew members from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) and Freedom Road Socialist Organization, denounced, the Dobbs decision and other recent attacks on women’s and reproductive rights.

A member of YDSA addressed the crowd, “They have now had almost a century to codify Roe into law and we are now paying for their negligence,” and that “our bodies and our right to autonomy are not leverage for political elites’ campaigns.”

After speakers wrapped up, a march began from the Student Center to University Hall, gaining marchers as it crossed the campus. Protesters carried signs that read, “Abortion is a human right” and “Fuck the government and the legislators, women are not incubators!” while marching toward the administration’s office building.

At the offices a short speech listed the students demands. Liz Rathburn of UIC SDS made the point that student’s tuition wasn’t just going to the UIC Police Department but that “it isn’t going to the things people need to live, reproductive healthcare, birth control, basic human rights.”

The rally ended with a final round of “I believe that we will win.” SDS at UIC plans to keep the pressure on the administration for as long as it takes to win its demands.

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