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Two African Americans murdered by Chicago Police

By staff

Frank Chapman

Chicago, IL – Bettie Jones and Quintonio Legrier are the names of the latest victims of the Chicago Police Department.

Jones was a 57-year-old mother of five. Legrier was a college student at Northern Illinois University.

The police were called to the apartment building before dawn, Dec. 26, the day after Christmas because of an argument between Legrier and his father. Legrier was not armed, holding only a baseball bat.

Activists in the movement to stop police crimes rushed to the scene when word of the shootings got out. A local minister pointed to a bullet hole in the door, which fit a witness’s description of the killing of Jones, who was a neighbor of the Legrier family. Jones’ daughter explained that her mother opened the door and was shot by a cop who was still outside.

According to LaCreshia Birts of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, “One of the family members said, “Take ‘Serve and Protect’ off police cars.”

Frank Chapman of the Alliance reacted to this latest killing this way, “Each day we don’t do anything about holding the police accountable is another day we endanger the lives of our people.” He continued, “The killers should be charged immediately and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Hearing the news on the phone, Chapman paused and then said, “When does it stop? It’ll start to end when we have an elected, civilian police accountability council.”

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