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Tucsonans brave heat to protest ‘Israel @75’

By Jim Byrne

Protest in Tucson, AZ against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Tucson, AZ – On April 30, 30 Palestine solidarity activists stood in 100-degree heat outside the Jewish Community Center to protest a “celebration” of the Zionist apartheid state of Israel. This was the second demonstration outside an “Israel @75” celebration in the week. On Tuesday they protested at a University of Arizona-hosted a concert.

The rallies demanded: an end to U.S. aid to Israel, an end to illegal Israeli occupation, and liberation for Palestine.

Protesters stood at the four intersection corners outside the Jewish Community Center as a line of organizers held banners, Palestinian flags and signs with the damning statistics of the brutality of Israeli genocide and apartheid.

The week also saw the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter host events to educate students and community about the history of Israel’s criminal regime as well as an event to celebrate 75 years of Palestinian resistance, with food, music and dancing.

Organizations such as Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance, Students for Justice in Palestine – UA, Freedom Road Socialist Organization – Tucson, and Tucson Jewish Voice for Peace were a part of the protests.

These groups plan to organize an event for the upcoming commemoration of Nakba on May 15, the massive, deadly removal of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and land in 1948.

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