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Tucson protest says, ‘Hey, hey let’s be clear, Mike Pence is not welcome here!’

By staff

Tucson protest confronts Trump running mate Mike Pence.

Tucson, AZ – On Aug. 2, Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, held a town hall meeting at the historic Fox Theater in downtown Tucson. With little public notice and time, the immigrant rights action group L.U.P.E quickly rose to the challenge, organizing an emergency protest through social media, in order to counter the Republican Party’s agenda of hate.

On a rainy afternoon, about 15 people of the progressive community of Tucson bravely stood up against Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s message of racism, sexism, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim hate.

Eduardo Tolentino, a member of L.U.P.E., said, “Tucson is a border town; there is a strong culture of struggle here for immigrant, Chicano and indigenous rights. We opposed trump and his xenophobe rhetoric when he came to town and we are doing the same with his chosen vice president.”

The crowd held signs that read “Hell no Pence must go,” and “Dump Trump.” Local and national media were also present covering the event and were able to interview a couple of the protesters.

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