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Trump confronted in Phoenix

By staff

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Phoenix, AZ – Thousands have gathered in downtown Phoenix to protest the presence of xenophobic President Trump. Led by the immigrant rights organization Puente, organizations have poured into the capital to refuse Trump’s pardon of the notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio is infamous for his enthusiastic and vicious implementation of Arizona’s racist, anti-immigrant SB1070. Recently, Arpaio was found guilty of contempt of court by a federal judge and faces up to six months in prison – unless he receives a pardon from Trump.

While Arpaio’s loss in a re-election campaign last fall was a people's victory, many are concerned he will avoid justice by being pardoned. He was a vocal opponent of undocumented workers and their families and maliciously treated ICE detainees by housing them in tents in over 100-degree heat. Arpaio used pink uniforms and vegetarian meals to attempt to degrade and humiliate the largely Mexican and Central American immigrants.

More updates coming soon as the event develops.

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