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Town hall meeting on need to stop cop city in Dallas

By staff

Town hall meeting against the construction of a cop city in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas, TX – On Saturday, July 6, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR) Dallas partnered with the Stop Cop City Dallas coalition for a town hall meeting at Pan-African Connection to educate the community on the planned construction of a police training facility to be built on the University of North Texas at Dallas campus.

Four speakers from the coalition presented on the history of policing and militarization of the institution, while linking it to the threat of a cop city planned to be built by 2027. Vital information was given on the planned construction of the facility. the trail of police brutality that DPD is responsible for, including police killings, and what is necessary to combat the escalation of police repression. The audience of around 55 people was engaged with the presentation and active in the conversations afterward.

They pointed out the impact this facility would have on police departments across the country. Ebonee Taylor, a member of NAARPR Dallas, pointed out that police forces “across the country come here and to Atlanta to do more training to learn more threatening tactics towards the community.”

The event ended with a Q&A that included a larger call to action that highlighted the relation of police repression with the struggles of many other oppressed groups. A member of Stop Cop City Dallas stated, “Language justice, disability justice it’s all connected. And we want everybody to see and feel themselves within this movement because that’s what it’s going to take.”

NAARPR Dallas and the Stop Cop City coalition continue to mobilize to fight back against this imminent threat of police repression amidst a larger national push towards regressive political rule.

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