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Three police officers injured in another ambush by New People’s Army

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Feb. 22 statement from Armando “Ka Mando” Jacinto, Spokesperson, New People’s Army – Sierra Madre (Rosario Lodronio Rosal Command).

The Rosario Lodronio Rosal Command (RLRC-NPA-Mt. Sierra Madre-Southern Tagalog Sub-Regional Command) congratulates again the red fighters and commanders of Narciso Antazo Aramil Command (NAAC-NPA-Rizal) in their another successful counter-attack against police and military forces conducting counter-insurgency operations in the mountain villages of Antipolo City, Baras, Tanay, San Mateo and Rodriguez, Rizal.

A squad-size of NPA-Rizal red fighters successfully ambushed police officers from Rizal Police Mobile Force Company (PMFC) aboard a police mobile car in Barangay Pinugay, Baras, Rizal at noontime yesterday, February 21, 2018. Three (3) Police officers including the Rizal PMFC head, Supt. Melchor Agusin, Police Officers 2 Manuel Fang-asan and Jimmy Talupa were wounded in the ambush while the NPA forces suffered no casualties.

The said police officers were going to the 80th IB-PA Headquarters in Pinugay, Baras, Rizal for the case conference to evaluate the ongoing joint operation of Philippine Army (PA)– Philippine National Police (PNP) against the people and the revolutionary forces in the rural villages in Rizal province. This joint police-military operation in the guise of conducting counter-insurgency operations against the CPP-NPA is directed against the farmers, settlers and Dumagat Tribesmen who are protesting against the landgrabbing and dislocation that they are suffering from the proponents of anti-people project such as WAWA-VIOLAGO DAM in Antipolo City and Rodriguez, LAIBAN DAM in Tanay, and ATN-SOLAR ENERGY PROJECT in Rodriguez, Rizal. The police and military forces are being used by the Duterte government favored capitalists like Danding Cojuangco, Violago Clan and Chinese Capitalist to silence the people’s opposition to these projects

This counter-offensive once more proves that the NPA forces are capable enough to counter any attack of the fascist AFP-PNP forces. With the support of the people, the NPA can defeat any campaign of suppression by the government troops because the AFP-PNP are just paper tigers who are superior in arms and numbers and are paid to serve the land grabbers, the big landlords, capitalist bureaucrats and their imperialist masters but cannot defeat the people’s army who genuinely serve the interest of the poor farmers, workers, the toiling masses and the Filipino people. The Filipino people support the NPA because they knew that without their people’s army, the people have nothing. Only with the support of the NPA that the people will get justice they deserved from those who abuses and oppresses them. The Filipino people together with the peoples’ army can resist and oust the fascist US-Duterte Regime and his cohorts and replace it with a new social system that genuinely serves the interest of the Filipino people.

While the NPA forces continue to defend themselves against AFP-PNP attacks we reiterate our call and support the resumption of the peace talks between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the CPP-NPA-NDFP. But, if the Duterte Government does not order his AFP-PNP troops to stand down and will continue his campaign of armed suppression against the CPP-NPA in order to justify Martial Law and fascist dictatorship, there is nothing that the NPA can do but to pursue the people’s democratic revolution though protracted people’s war. Then, more counter attacks and tactical offensives of the NPA will continue until such time that a new government is established by the people.

Long Live the New People’s Army!

Long Live the Communist Party of the Philippines!

Long Live the National Democratic Front of the Philippines!

Long Live the Filipino People!

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