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Thousands take to streets of Dallas to protest abuse of immigrants

By staff

Dallas protest for immigrant rights.

Dallas, TX – Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Dallas, June 30, to protest attacks on immigrants, particularly the detention of children and their separation from their parents.

About 3000 people gathered outside Dallas' city hall, where they heard speeches from political figures including Clay Jenkins, who, as county judge, is the top executive in Dallas County, and

Democratic State Representative Victoria Neave.

Generally, speeches and signs at the city hall rally tended to focus on the upcoming elections. A large number of people wearing “Beto” t-shirts, in connection with the election campaign of Democratic U.S.

Senate Candidate Beto O'Rourke. The rhetoric of the speeches focused heavily on U.S. history, with many speakers making the claim the racist attacks on immigrants is somehow inconsistent with the country's history of “tolerance.”

After the speeches, the protesters marched through downtown Dallas.

Another rally led by the North Texas Dream Team and Democratic Socialists of America took place at ICE headquarters on Stemmons Freeway. This rally was much smaller, having perhaps a hundred people

in attendance, but it was also more militant. At one point some of the protesters attempted to block the nearby freeway. Dallas police arrested five people.

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