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Texas: Rally demands justice for Aaron Martinez

By staff

Texas rally against the racist murder of Aaron Martinez.

Kaufman, TX – On May 13, a rally was held at the Kaufman County Courthouse in remembrance of Aaron Martinez a man who was viciously murdered by his neighbor Trevor McEuen in Forney, Texas.

Aaron Martinez was a resident of Forney and worked as a horse trainer and was 35 years old when Trevor McEuen shot him to death.

Friends, family members, community members and organizers gathered to show solidarity towards Martinez and his family. In total 150 people came to the rally, many holding signs, and pictures demanding justice for Aaron Martinez and his family.

Carlos Quintanilla, one of the organizers of the event, said “Trevor McEuen was a man who had hate in his heart, and he killed a hardworking Latino man because of the color of his skin.”

Priscilla Martinez, the wife of Aaron Martinez, said “It took a lot for me to come up here and speak today, but I'm angry, the $2 million bond should be raised, because no amount of money will bring my husband back.”

The daughter of Aaron Martinez said, “Thank you everyone for coming out today it means a lot for me and my family.”

Xavi Velasquez an organizer with La Frontera Nos Cruzo said, “Many of us are immigrants, we come here seeking a better life. Many of us are not immigrants but were born here and can trace our people back to before this was the U.S. We of the Chicano and Latino community have every right to live here, without fear of violence. Immigrant or not. We have every right to live here in peace. To make a living and to raise our families in peace. We should not have to be here today.”

The crowds rallied with chants saying “Justicia por Aaron!”

At the end of the rally the people present pledged to continue the fight for justice.

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