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Tampa students protest Kavanaugh confirmation

By staff

Tampa SDS protests Kavanaugh confirmation.

Tampa, FL – Over 30 University of South Florida students protested the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Oct. 9. The demonstration occurred at the Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza on USF Tampa’s campus and was hosted by Tampa Bay SDS. Chants at the protest included “We believe her, we believe Christine!” and “Hell no, we won’t budge! We don’t want a rapist judge!”

Members of SDS gave speeches on topics such as the history of patriarchy and its relation to class society, why people like Kavanaugh should not be in power, the importance of receiving consent, and the consequences of Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Students walking to and from class stopped to listen and joined in chanting.

“We can oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation by staying diligent and fighting back against the system that oppresses and silences our voices and listens to the 1%,” said SDS member Sanjukta Battacherjee. Taylor Cook, also an SDS member, said Kavanaugh “is a rapist and a liar and rapists do not belong in our government or in any positions of power!”

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