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Tampa stands in solidarity with Gaza

By Walt Byars

Tampa protest stands with Gaza

Tampa, FL – On Nov. 17, nearly 100 people stood against Israel's ongoing bloodbath in Gaza. Students for Justice in Palestine organized the demonstration. Black-clad protesters waved Palestinian flags, held signs and stretched banners as thousands of cars drove through the intersection separating Tampa from Temple Terrace – a city with a large Palestinian community. The large contingents on all four corners of Fowler Avenue and 56th Street rotated when the lights changed, making sure that motorists got a long look at banners adorned with statistics on the brutality of occupation and its financial dependence on the U.S. government.

The air filled with supportive honks and the sense that a vibrant solidarity movement is emerging, as cars with no connection to the demonstration waved Palestinian flags. Catherine Lim of Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) said, “Being at the protest was incredibly energizing. You could really feel the support from the community.” Although many attendees had family and friends at risk of being struck by Israeli bombs, the atmosphere reflected optimism in the people's capacity to stop this bloodbath.

Ahmad Hussan of Students for Justice in Palestine pointed out, “We need people to know that our money is funding this entire situation. We need to take action and pressure our lawmakers and congressmen to cut money to Israel's military and condemn Israel for their war crimes against humanity.”

A smaller but sizable demonstration was held the day before in downtown Tampa. Students for a Democratic Society and Students for Justice in Palestine are working together to ensure that our city's streets are filled with red, green and black until Israel withdraws.

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