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Tampa stands against the 6-week abortion ban

By Filip Freund

Protest in Tampa, FL against law banning abortions after 6 weeks.

Tampa FL – On April 8, dozens of community members gathered to protest the six-week abortion ban recently passed in the state government. Led by the Tampa Bay Community Action Committee (TBCAC) the people of Tampa spoke out against the abortion ban and the repression happening across the state of Florida.

The six-week abortion ban would not only drastically shorten the span of time in which people are legally allowed to get an abortion, but also gives an extra $25 million in funding each year from the state to anti-abortion clinics. These are fake clinics that lie to those seeking abortion, potentially endangering them through misinformation about their pregnancy.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) member Lauren Pineiro spoke at the protest, “Despite how unpopular abortion bans are, Ron DeSantis continues to push forward attacks on bodily autonomy as a part of his right-wing, billionaire-funded agenda. Yet, the people of Florida are the ones who hold the power and, as we can see by today’s protest, we will continue to fight back against any and all attacks on the women’s, LBGTQ and reproductive rights movements.”

On Monday April 3, in an act of political repression, 11 Occupy Tally protesters were arrested in Tallahassee trying to stand up against the six-week abortion ban. Reproductive rights are wildly popular among the people, yet the state government suppresses those trying to fight for those rights because the government of Florida wants to have full control of women’s bodies.

The Tampa community itself is familiar with political repression for trying to stand against laws being passed by Ron DeSantis and the state government. Just last month we witnessed the arrests of the Tampa 4, who are now the Tampa 5.

In Tallahassee, the Occupy Tally protestors were still going strong against the six-week abortion ban even after the arrests. TBCAC’s April 8 rally in downtown Tampa was an act of solidarity with Occupy Tally – giving voice to those who could not be in Tallahassee.

Together we can fight back against oppressive legislation not just in Florida but across the country.

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