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Tampa’s Palestinian community continues to protest for freedom and justice after ceasefire

By Will Blake

Solidarity with Palestine in Tampa, FL.

Tampa, Fl – After weeks of protests all over the world, the large Palestinian American community and activists within Tampa continued to protest on Saturday, May 22, in downtown Tampa. Approximately 300 supporters and community members rallied to demand freedom for those living in Gaza and an end to the Israeli occupation over all of Palestine.

After the ceasefire of last week, many protesters and organizers demanded that the fight for Palestine has to continue.

“The ceasefire does not mean that we stop fighting. The only thing that has changed is that Gaza isn’t being bombed daily, but we should not settle there,” stated Laith Abdel Hader, an organizer of the event. “Palestinians in the West Bank are still living in a state of apartheid, and the 7 million Palestinian refugees still don’t have a right to return to their homeland.”

After marching through downtown Tampa, the protest ended with speeches and chants that echoed the calls to carry on the fight.

“The fight is not over, and will not be over until Palestine is liberated,” said Abdel Hader.

The organizers vowed to continue protesting and fighting towards the end of U.S. aid to Israel and an end to the apartheid system in occupied Palestine.

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