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Tampa Bay SDS condemns firing of campus worker and escalation of criminal charges

By staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from Tampa Bay SDS.

On Tuesday, April 25, USF officially fired campus worker Chrisley Carpio for participating in a student-led protest against DeSantis’s attacks on diversity and public education. Tampa Bay SDS condemns this unjust firing and USF violating her collective bargaining rights as a member of workers’ union, ASFCME.

Additionally, charges have officially been filed in the State Attorney’s office. However, the state escalated the charges by adding an additional felony count (of the same felony) for three of the Tampa 5. We see this as a clear attack against the student movement and the first amendment rights of protestors, as it shows that the state is intent on convicting the Tampa 5.

It is right to protest attacks on diversity. It is right to protest book bans and attempts to erase Black history. It is right to defend public education. We stand committed to fighting these attacks on the progressive people’s movements and the right to free speech.

Drop the charges!

Protesting is not a crime!

Down with DeSantis!

#TampaFL #Tampa5