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Tampa Bay comes out to support survivor of police brutality

By Joseph Nohava

 Tampa protest demands justice for Antwan Glover. | Fight Back! News/staff

Bartow, FL – Early on a windy Tuesday morning, February 13, dozens of members of the Tampa Bay community gathered outside the Polk County Courthouse to support a man, Antwan Glover, as he faces 20 years in prison for bogus charges.

Glover, who is African American, was assaulted by police in his family’s driveway in December of 2022, and as a result, is facing “battery on law enforcement officer” charges. The state’s attorney offered him a plea deal that he has refused, as he has repeatedly stated that he is not guilty, and the officers who attacked him are guilty of assault and unlawful arrest.

The community was there to support him at a court hearing. Members of Tampa Bay Community Action Committee, along with Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society, the Poor and Minority Justice Association, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization were also in attendance.

After the hearing, members of Antwan’s family and community supporters spoke to the press about the case and demanded that the officers involved be fired and charged, that all footage, body cam or otherwise, be released, and for the charges on Antwan be dropped.

The arrest and brutality occurred on December 18, 2022, when a black SUV, with no identifying logos or headlights on, pulled up beside Antwan as he sat in his car. Four cops came out and demanded that he step out of the car, and asked if he was in possession of cannabis. Antwan confirmed that he had a medical cannabis card, and at that point the police tried to pull a satchel off of him that he had around his shoulder. As Antwan tried to pull the satchel over his head, the police tackled him to the ground and started beating him, punching him in the face, and tasing him. It was at this point that Antwan’s family started filming him, which led to his case going viral on social media.

After the arrest, the police took his car to the police station where they continued to brutalize him, which resulted in not only physical injuries and the charges he is facing now, but also the loss of his job. As is routine in cases of police brutality, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated the attack, and, surprising no one, found that the police did nothing wrong.

Pam Glover, Antwan’s mother, had this to say about the protest, “This morning, I spoke about wanting justice for my son. It broke my heart for my son to be beaten up like that and then under threat of 20 years in jail and away from us, including his little daughter. It is very upsetting and disconcerting. I want the charges dropped and the officers fired or prosecuted.”

Members of the groups gathered on Tuesday, Antwan, and his family, all vowed to keep fighting these bogus charges, until they are dropped, and their demands are met. Tampa Bay CAC has already put together call-ins to pressure the state’s attorney and will be releasing announcements of further events and actions to keep up the pressure campaign. Glover’s next court date is April 2.

Drop the charges on Antwan Glover!

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