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Tampa Bay activists to join post-election national day of action

By staff

Tampa, Fl – The past summer of 2020 has been rife with activism in the fight against police terror and white supremacist attacks, and the upcoming presidential election will determine whether Donald Trump will continue to be in power. Trump’s comments and actions about the validity of the results has brought on the possibility of a hotly contested outcome. Activists and community members in Tampa and around the country plan to meet the November 3 election with protests on November 4 to fight for the defeat of Donald Trump and against white supremacy across the country.

“This election is going to have some serious consequences,” said David Jones, a member of Tampa Bay Community Action Committee (TBCAC). “The result of who is going to be president might not even be clear until weeks after if Trump tries to steal the election.”

Tampa Bay Community Action Committee plans on participating in the countrywide day of action on November 4 with demands of pandemic relief for all, justice for victims of local police crimes, and an end to the racist attacks on all minorities in America.

“Trump’s defeat is what we’re fighting for,” stated another member of TBCAC, Will Blake. “But a Biden presidency doesn’t mean we are done with the fight against police terror and justice for all.”

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