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Tampa 5 solidarity rally at University of New Orleans

By Carson Cruse

Protesters at UNO's campus hold signs supporting the Tampa 5.

New Orleans, LA – On August 9, a determined assembly of demonstrators gathered at the University of New Orleans, uniting in support of the Tampa 5. Despite the relentless summer heat, these committed activists collected petition signatures, amplifying the call for the dismissal of baseless charges.

Remarkably, even as all parties involved adhered to the established rules for campus activities, the UNO campus police tried to intimidate them to cancel the event. The protest was an important display of solidarity as it coincided with a nationwide day of action and the Tampa 5's court date.

Speeches by student activists addressed the attacks on education nationwide, particularly within the realms of diversity, equity, and inclusion. A resounding chant of “Not guilty, not sorry!” echoed the message of the Tampa 5's refusal to apologize to USF police. The rally resulted from the coordinated efforts of UNO Students United, FRSO New Orleans, Loyola University YDSA, New Orleans for Community Oversight of Police, and New Orleans DSA.

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