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Tallahassee rallies for working poor at the capitol

By staff

Tallahassee, FL – On May 14, over 40 community members from all across Florida marched to the state capitol building to protest poverty, racism, ableism and all forms of oppression. The coalition consisted of African Americans, disabled people, labor unions, immigrant rights activists, and many other forces affected by anti-poor people policies.

The crowd marched from Florida People's Advocacy Center to the Tallahassee capitol building.

One of the organizers, Pat Brown, gave a moving speech to the crowd in the corridors of the capitol stating, ““I speak for those people who can’t speak for themselves. We gotta stop this. We got to end this.”

Brown continued, “It’s time for change. I’m mad we are doing it now. It's been going on for way too long. We’re hungry, we’re homeless, we’re struggling and we are ashamed. And there’s no reason for us to be ashamed. We deserve to prosper, we deserve to have our dreams come true. I’m here today to try to make a change and make a difference. “

The attendees held signs like “Starving a child is violence” and “We are a new unsettling force.” After several speeches the rally ended with the protesters ‘laying’ oppression to rest and chanting “Forward together, not one step back.”

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