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Tallahassee Nov. 4 protest demands a people’s agenda, Trump out

By Zeke Greenwood

Post election protest in Tallahassee, FL.

Tallahassee, FL – Despite cold weather, concerns about police and vigilante violence, and results of the election still unknown, several Tallahassee organizations came together for the November 4 national day of protest to push for a people’s agenda, community control of police, and to speak out against Trump’s attempts to steal the election. Concurrently with many events across the country, Tallahassee Community Action Committee, Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), and SDS gathered a crowd of about 50 people in Cascades Park.

Speaker Trish Brown, one of the Tally 19 and a member of Tallahassee Community Action Committee led the crowd in a chant against Trump and his attempts to steal the election. “Robbed! Deprived! Genocide! President Trump has got to fry!”

Although the polls seem to be in Biden’s favor, the importance of counting all the ballots and defeating Trump’s attempts to stop counting and steal the election cannot be understated. Even when Trump is defeated, the fight will be far from over. Regina Joseph, a Tally 19’er, president of Tallahassee Community Action Committee and district organizer for FRSO, said, “Voting is not the end all be all! The fight for CPAC and police accountability will be far from over.”

Backed by signs reading “CPAC now” and “Black lives matter,” Delilah Pierre, vice president of Tallahassee Community Action Committee and FRSO member led the crowd in another chant, calling for community control of the Tallahassee police department. “TPD kills while on patrol! What do we want? Community control!” the crowd chanted.

“Fighting against police violence and political repression are far more extensive issues than just defeating Donald Trump. We have to make sure people have their right to protest and elect the representative they choose to uphold. But we have to work beyond that to ensure real democracy – and especially accountability —from the Democratic Party and all our politicians,” said Pierre.

Even facing political repression, jail time, and violence from police and white supremacists, Tallahassee continues to fight for CPAC and stand up against Trump and his administration. Activists and organizers are preparing for the continued fight against racist and political repression under either a Trump or Biden presidency in 2021.

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