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Tallahassee community demands that the city commission condemn Israel

By Regina Joseph

Tallahassee, FL – The Tallahassee community has been demanding that the Tallahassee City Commission take a stance on Palestine and sever ties with Israel. The call for action started with a gathering of 40 individuals at City Hall on October 25, where civilians insisted that the city should condemn the United States aid to Israel and cut all partnerships with the country, including their Sister City Program.

On November 8, the community again came together at City Hall. One speaker, Ravza Cayir, a member of the Tallahassee Community Action Committee, has gained traction on TikTok with her public comments. To date, her speech has been viewed over 630,800 times.

Cayir said the following, “When it comes to propaganda against Palestinian liberation, you can see the constant dehumanization, the way Israel is portraying innocent civilians as ‘barbaric animals.’ When I stand in front of the city commissioners, I want them not to be able to deny me my humanity, even if it is only for three minutes. I want them to see that I am a talking, moving, intelligent, sentient being just like the ones they are knowingly burying under the rubble in Gaza.

“Palestinians are denied food, shelter, electricity, medical attention, hygiene and, above everything else, they are denied their existence! We need to speak up, and keep pressuring the city officials until they take humane action.”

When asked her why she thought it was important to show up at the city commission meeting, Cayir said, “I was so shocked and overwhelmed and happy that so many people were in solidarity. Some Zionists in the comments said, ‘I should keep my mouth shut because I'm not even a citizen.’ Every American that has not condemned Israel is complicit. Our tax dollars directly facilitate genocide and enable countless war crimes. How can I stay silent when I don't even get to vote for these people in positions of power? They're killing my people with my money and not letting me have a say in it. Is this the American dream?”

The next city commission meeting is scheduled for December 13, at 3 p.m. to City Hall, 300 South Adams Street. However, the exact agenda time is yet to be confirmed. To stay updated, follow the Tallahassee Community Action Committee on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for exact times.

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