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Syria condemns bombing

By staff

Reporting from Damascus, the Syrian News Agency states that Minister of Defense General Dawood Rajiha, Deputy Minister of Defense General Asef Shawkat and Assistant Vice-President General Hassan Turkmani were killed in a terrorist explosion targeting the National Security Headquarters, July 18.

Western powers and pro-U.S. Arab regimes are trying to bring down the Syrian government.

The Syrian News Agency also reported on an interview with Syria’s Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi, stating, “The Minister held the Qatari, Saudi, Turkish and Israeli intelligence accountable for the terrorist bombing which hit the building of the National Security. He added that Arab and Western governments, intelligence systems and agents are legally, politically and morally responsible for the killing, assassination and sabotage acts taking place in Syria for sending money and arms to the terrorists in it and that they will be punished for their crimes.”

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