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Students for a Democratic Society calls on students to counter the KKK in Stone Mountain GA

By Students for a Democratic Society

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

On April 23rd Students for a Democratic Society will be joining hundreds of anti-racist activists at Stone Mountain, GA to counter a planned white power march of the KKK and other white nationalist organizations.

The anti-KKK protest was called by All Out Atlanta, and is now endorsed by a variety of progressive, anti-fascist, and anti-racist groups throughout the south. This protest will be a powerful showing of anti-racist unity in the face of growing white supremacist organizing in the United States.

Stone Mountain is an important symbol to the white supremacist movement, serving as a rallying point for hate groups over the last century. Last year white supremacists rallied in Stone Mountain following the massacre at a historically black church in Charleston by white supremacist Dylann Roof.

The KKK and other racist terrorist organizations can not be allowed to organize freely. They must be confronted with militant action and their organizing efforts must be stopped and disrupted wherever they go. SDS has been committed to the struggle against white supremacy, leading the fight against neo-nazis in Tennessee and struggle against the KKK in Tallahassee. This protest in Stone Mountain is an important step in building the country-wide struggle against white supremacists.

Over the past year the KKK and white supremacist groups have become emboldened by the racist and hateful rhetoric spread by Donald Trump's campaign for president. Students have been at the front lines of the struggle against Trump and his racist supporters. SDS calls on students to continue the struggle against Trump and all racist politicians that are facilitating the resurgence of this far-right racist movement.

SDS calls on students to join us in Stone Mountain, as well as in the streets and on the campuses across the country as we confront the KKK and white supremacy!

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