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Stop the hate, legalization for all!

By staff

Stop the hate! Legalization for all!

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following call for the Legalization for All Network

Join the Legalization for All Network call to action

June 11th through 18th!

The right-wing bigot Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis recently signed into law Senate Bill 1718 which criminalizes anyone who is undocumented and by extension anyone “aiding” them. The new law makes it illegal to have undocumented people in vehicles, no out of state driver licenses issued to the undocumented are usable in the state of Florida, and any undocumented person seeking emergency aid in hospitals will be required to answer staff questions regarding immigration status.

A similar bill, The Border Protection, Anti-terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, was introduced in congress by Republican Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin. That bill caused such an uproar by the public that Chicano groups mobilized and called for protests. These events are now known as the immigration mega marches of March 2006. Also, these marches were the largest during that year’s International Workers Day and have since shaped May Day around the U.S. The new May Day tradition being to uplift demands of legalization for all of the undocumented.

June 1, 2023 various immigration organizations and nonprofits mobilized within the state of Florida and solidarity events were seen in other places, like Chicago and Los Angeles. In Immokalee, Florida thousands took to the streets.

The Legalization for All Network is calling on all interested people who wish to show their solidarity with those affected by these racist attacks, to participate in the week of action. These attacks are part of a systemic oppression against Chicanos, and immigrants including Mexicans, Central Americans and others.

The week of action will begin June 11th and end June 18th. Some organizations are already calling for their own events like the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC) which will be holding an event on Father’s Day. DeSantis will continue with hateful and extremist attacks. Aside from SB 1718, DeSantis also signed into laws bills targeting LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights— further showing that nobody is safe. An attack on some is an attack on all!

Those interested are asked to contact the Legalization for All Network (L4A) here:

Stop the hate, Legalization for ALL!

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