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Starbucks workers in Colorado Springs file for unionization

By staff

Colorado Springs, CO – On March 14, Starbucks employees at the Flintridge & Academy Starbucks store in Colorado Springs held a rally to mark their filing for unionization. The workers were joined by community members, local politicians and baristas from other locations.

The unionization effort comes on a wave of such filings across the country. To date over 100 Starbucks stores have filed for unionization with Starbucks Workers United, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Flintridge & Academy is the second store to petition for unionization in Colorado Springs, and the fifth in the state.

Similar to other Starbucks across the country, the most common complaint amongst workers was the cutting of hours, with some workers being scheduled as little as four hours per week. “With a record profitable year, we’ve seen prices still going up and our hours being cut, and we think that’s unacceptable,” said Matthew Broussard, a barista from a nearby Starbucks that also filed for unionization last week. Starbucks also schedules workers for inconsistent shifts week to week, making many unable to even get a second job to make ends meet.

Over 70% of employees are supporting the union drive. The future looks bright for Colorado Springs Starbucks workers to win union recognition.

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