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Colombian Exile Politician to Speak in U.S.

By staff

In a speaking tour organized by the National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera, Professor Daza-Cotes will travel to the U.S. to talk about fellow professor and political prisoner Ricardo Palmera. She will speak about U.S. intervention in Colombia and her own journey, as Colombian military death squads tortured and murdered those around her, from liberal politics to more radical views. Ms. Daza-Cotes was forced into exile in Sweden around the same time Ricardo Palmera decided to join the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). As the peaceful path to social justice in Colombia was blocked, the choices were limited.

Imelda Daza-Cotes was called to testify in Washington D.C. at the first trial of Ricardo Palmera. Judge Hogan ruled that she and a U.N. official, the only witnesses for the defense, would not be allowed. The prosecution was allowed 21 witnesses. The prosecution lost the case when the jury, believing Ricardo Palmera’s testimony, deadlocked and Judge Hogan declared a mistrial.

President Bush extradited, imprisoned and put on trial both Ricardo Palmera and Anayibe Rojas Valderrama, known as Sonia. These Colombian revolutionaries have done nothing wrong; they only served the people of Colombia and rebelled against a murderous, undemocratic government backed by the White House. Ricardo Palmera is held in solitary confinement, allowed no visits from family, friends, supporters or his Colombian lawyer. No reporters are allowed to interview him or his lawyers. It is a political trial and Ricardo Palmera is a political hostage.

The following speaking days are scheduled:

New York City and New Haven, Connecticut Feb. 9-10

Asheville, North Carolina Feb. 11

Raleigh, North Carolina Feb. 12

Minneapolis, Minnesota Feb. 13-14

San Francisco, California Feb. 15

Chicago, Illinois Feb. 16-17

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