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South LA Black man on bicycle killed by sheriffs

By Sol Márquez

Protest outside South LA Sheriff station.

Los Angeles, CA – On the night of August 31, Dijon Kizzee who was 29 years old, was riding his bicycle. Two sheriff deputies allege that Kizzee was violating vehicle codes but have not said which ones specifically. They began to follow him and Kizzee got off his bicycle, ran, and the two deputies shot and killed him at the scene. The deputies claim Kizzee punched one of them, dropped a bundle of clothes, and upon inspecting the clothes bundle, found a handbag, and a gun inside the bag. The deputies are claiming this is when they decided to open fire on Kizzee.

A 100-person protest and march outside of the South LA Sheriff’s station on Imperial Highway immediately broke out. Families of other Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) victims united with the protesters including Lisa Vargas, mother of Anthony Daniel Vargas (killed by LASD August 12, 2018) and Leah Garcia mother of Paul Rea (killed by LASD June 27, 2019). Protesters were demanding justice for Dijon Kizzee amid continued recent deaths of Black people like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, the recent attack on Jacob Blake, and the continued killings in LA at the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department and LASD.

More actions will occur tonight and Fight Back! will be on the scene.

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