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Alabama: Solidarity with Tuscaloosa Campus Bus Drivers!

By Network to Fight for Economic Justice

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Network to Fight for Economic Justice. We urge you to distribute copies of the statement at March 4 rallies for the right to education.

Solidarity with Tuscaloosa Campus Bus Drivers!

Justice for Southern Workers!

The women and men who drive the buses at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa need your support and solidarity. They are sick and tired of getting paid $9.50 an hour for hard work. They are fighting hard for a decent first contract that would offer protection from arbitrary firings. And as things stand today, the vast majority of them aren’t working – most of the buses are not running and the drivers do not have a dime of income coming in.

The Crimson Ride Shuttle Drivers are members of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1208. Many of the drivers are African Americans and many are women. Their struggle for justice has attracted national support from students and trade unionists. On March 1 they went on strike. Later that day, negotiations resumed and the drivers announced they would return to work the next day. On March 2 the university announced that it was only going to operate a few of the bus routes and only a few of the bus drivers would be going to work.

But the Crimson Ride Shuttle Drivers are determined to win better lives for themselves and their families. And they are not walking alone in their efforts. At the University of Alabama, students organized by the local chapter of Students for a Democratic Society have shown they understand the stand the true meaning of solidarity. They have organized rallies, circulated petitions, and walked the picket lines during the strike. They put pressure on the university to stop supporting the union busters at First Transit. In addition the Network to fight for Economic Justice has been building support for the drivers across the country.

This is an important battle, for the Tuscaloosa bus drivers, their families, and for working people across the U.S. Big corporations like First Transit want to drive down our standard of living. They like the fact that that pay is lower, and working conditions are worse in the South. A victory in Tuscaloosa will be a victory for everyone who wants justice.

Call First Transit today at (205) 345-0941

Demand First Transit give Drivers a decent contract

Network to Fight for Economic Justice

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