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Senate clears way to vote on restoring Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC)

By staff

Washington, DC – The Senate cleared the way for a vote on legislation to restore benefits to the long term jobless, March 27. In a 65 to 34 vote, the Senate cleared the procedural hurdles necessary for a debate and vote on a measure to bring back Extended Unemployment Compensation.

While more Republican opposition to unemployment insurance is expected over the next few days, the bill bringing back jobless benefits will likely pass. Five Republican Senators have signed on to measure, giving it the margin it needs to move forward.

The decision to go ahead with Extended Unemployment Compensation came on the heels of the passage of a bipartisan deal to spend $1 billion on the fascists who recently took power in the Ukraine.

The bill extending jobless benefits faces a tough fight in the Republican-dominated House.

The decision by the Democratic leadership to not include Extended Unemployment Compensation in last December's budget agreement gave Republicans the power to block measures to aid the long-term unemployed.

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